Community Relations

At Ameriprise Financial, giving back is deeply rooted in our culture. For 120 years, we've initiated positive change in the communities where we live and work. We believe our community involvement enables us to actively live our values. Today, we support a diverse group of over 5,000 nonprofits across the country.

Our Programs
  • Grant Making
  • Disaster Relief and Recovery
  • Volunteerism
  • Employee and financial advisor gift matching, Annual Giving Campaign
  • Signature program with Feeding America, including a National Day of Service
Grant Making

Grant making is an important part of how we strengthen communities and help individuals in need. By targeting our giving, we are able to make the most of our resources and engage our people to make a collective impact with greater benefit for communities.

Areas of focus

  1. Meeting Basic Needs
    • Hunger
    • Shelter
    • Adult Self-Sufficiency
  2. Supporting Community Vitality
    • Community Development
    • Cultural Enrichment
  3. Volunteer Driven Causes

Application deadlines

Grant applications may be submitted at any time and are reviewed twice per year with deadlines of January 15 and May 15. We will notify you of our decision within 4 months of the deadline date. Before applying for a grant, please review the Ameriprise Financial Grant Making Guidelines.

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Disaster Relief and Recovery

As a company committed to personal financial planning, we strongly believe in preparing for the unexpected in life. In addition to the focus areas mentioned above, every year we support the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund and International Response Fund so that they can immediately help when the unexpected hits a community.


One of our company values is “respect for individuals and the communities in which we live and work.” Our employees and financial advisors bring that to life by:

  • Sharing their personal skills with the nonprofits they’re most passionate about.
  • Rallying together during our annual National Day of Service.
  • Serving Feeding America member food banks and other hunger relief agencies across the country year-round.
  • Organizing volunteer events and sponsoring quarterly drives, supporting families in need.

In 2012, advisors and employees donated more than 50,000 volunteer hours sharing their talents and time. Ameriprise employees are given time off each year to volunteer.

Employee and Advisor Gift Matching, Annual Giving Campaign

We support the diverse interests of our employees and eligible advisors by matching contributions to nonprofit organizations up to an annual maximum of $2,000 per individual through the Ameriprise Financial Gift Matching Program and the Ameriprise Financial Franchise Group Gift Matching Program. Through these programs we are proud to acknowledge and match the contributions of our employees and advisors to more than 5,000 nonprofit organizations.

Our Annual Giving Campaign is an important part of our culture of giving at Ameriprise. In 2013, employees and advisors across the country contributed more than $3.8 million to charities aligned with their personal giving passions. Setting the bar for corporate giving campaigns, eighty-two percent of corporate employees contribute to the campaign. Together with our company match, more than $6.5 million was donated to charities across the country and the globe in 2013.

Our Partnership with Feeding America

Ameriprise Financial is proud to partner with Feeding America, the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization, helping the more than 50 million Americans — including 17 million children — who go hungry (source: Feeding America). Since 2009, our company, financial advisors and employees have provided nearly 30 million meals, and volunteered more than 80,000 hours, to help feed hungry Americans. In addition to our philanthropic partnership with Feeding America, last year Ameriprise made grants to 40 nonprofit organizations working to help solve domestic hunger.

We also help fight hunger every fall through our $500,000 Matching Challenge with Feeding America. We match gifts dollar-for-dollar up to $500,000. Each dollar raised during the Matching Challenge provides 16 meals to hungry families at Thanksgiving.

Ameriprise Financial National Day of Service

One in six Americans struggles with hunger. These are often hard-working adults, children and seniors who simply cannot make ends meet and are forced to go without food for several meals, or even days.

Ameriprise Financial is committed to addressing hunger in our communities. Through our National Day of Service, financial advisors, employees and clients make a difference by volunteering at Feeding America member food banks and other hunger-relief agencies across the country helping them prepare for the Thanksgiving holiday. Our 2012 National Day of Service included more than 9,000 volunteers at 350 sites in 47 states.

Awards and Recognition
Environmental Stewardship

From the construction and operation of our corporate buildings to the initiatives we encourage employees, advisors and clients to implement, Ameriprise Financial is committed to responsible environmental practices. The following are some of our key initiatives and progress to date:


  • In 2008, the Ameriprise Financial Center and Client Service Center in Minneapolis earned the Energy Star designation and have achieved this designation every year since.
  • In 2009, the Ameriprise Financial Center was the first building in Minneapolis to receive the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)–Existing Building certification. The Financial Center received LEED “Silver” Certification. Our Client Service Center received LEED “Gold” Certification.
  • 7 World Trade Center, the location for our corporate offices in New York, NY, was the first commercial office building in the city to receive the LEED “Gold” Certification.
  • We work with Xcel Energy in Minnesota to coordinate electrical loads at our Client Service Center during high peak demand days (generally 90 + degree days) to reduce overall demand.
  • Our standards for new advisor office construction incorporate sustainable building materials.
  • We have multiple programs that have led to considerable reduction in energy in our headquarters building, including installing automatic shut-off lights, reducing heating and cooling in the evenings and over weekends, and replacing light bulbs to lower wattage bulbs.


  • We have been a long-term supporter of public transportation for our employees, and in 2008 we were recognized for a Commuter Choice Award by the city of Minneapolis.
  • In partnership with Minneapolis metro transit, we created and have continued to subsidize the Metropass system to encourage employees to use public transportation and reduce commuter traffic, and we offer free carpooling, scooter and bicycle parking in multiple office locations.
  • We are a sponsor and leading participant in the city of Minneapolis’ annual Bike and Walk to Work Day events.

Recycling and Waste

  • Reducing paper usage is a company-wide initiative. We are committed to helping clients switch from paper to electronic delivery of their documents, developing systems that allow financial advisors to submit business online in a secure fashion, and providing proxy materials online for Ameriprise shareholders. For example, since 2008 we’ve helped over 620,000 clients switch from paper to electronic delivery of numerous documents, meaning that every year we use significantly less paper to communicate with and serve our clients.
  • We collaborate with our vendors and partners to reduce and eliminate waste, including recycling toner and using environmentally friendly cleaning products. In addition, we have worked with our food service vendors to incorporate sustainable and local food sourcing, recycle food waste through partnerships with local farmers and eliminate the use of Styrofoam.