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Exclusive discount for Costco members3

Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance offers affordable auto, home and renters insurance, handled with care. During the last 12 years, Costco members have saved millions of dollars through our exclusive Costco member discount.4

Additional auto insurance benefits for Costco members

When you insure your auto with Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance, you may also receive:

Best of all, if you’re a Costco Executive Member, you may receive added benefits,5 including:

A chance to be part of something bigger

Through our unique partnership with Costco, Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance has donated more than $470,000 to Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, in the last six years. This is your chance. Our donation is just a few clicks away.

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Your ZIP code must contain five numbers.

1 Savings data represents information provided only by those Costco members who became new auto insurance policyholders and reported first year savings with Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance between 7/1/2014 and 12/31/2014. Some members may not experience a savings. Individual experience may vary based upon a variety of factors including, but not limited to, driving experience, type of automobile insured and past losses.

2 A donation will be made for each qualified auto insurance quote from Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance by Costco members during May 2014. Excludes incomplete quotes, quotes from existing Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance customers, persons/entities who are declined quotes, and customers seeking excess/surplus lines of coverage. Donations may be limited or restricted in certain states.

3 Costco discount is subject to eligibility and underwriting criteria. It is not available in TN, on home insurance in MI, or on auto insurance of non-Executive members in MA.

4 Savings reflect program total amounts saved through the exclusive Costco discount from Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance base rates.

5 Roadside assistance applies to vehicles covered on the auto policy and covers up to $75 per occurrence .Lifetime Renewability applies to auto insurance and is not available in MD and MI or to policyholders who have major violations, fail to pay premium, do not provide requested underwriting information, move to a state where Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance products are not available, purchase a vehicle we do not insure or if there is a substantial change in the condition of the vehicle insured. The home glass repair reimbursement benefit covers up to $1,000 per occurrence, limited to two claims within any consecutive 12-month period. This $1,000 limit is included in the limit of liability for Dwelling Coverage and is subject to the conditions, limitations and exclusions described in the policy. Home lockout assistance covers up to $100 per occurrence, is limited to two claims within any consecutive 12-month period and may be subject to specific conditions. Executive home benefits are not available on renters policies.