Money Across Generations II® study

6 sensitive issues families avoid discussing
  • Retirement
  • Religion
  • Healthcare
  • Finances
  • Politics
  • Family issues
6 key issues your family's not discussing
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Our new study shows that families are as likely to avoid talking about money issues including personal finances, healthcare and retirement as they are hot button topics like family issues, politics and religion.

A significant number cite simple excuses like:

  • It’s none of my business
  • I haven’t gotten around to it
  • Or I simply haven’t thought about it.

Making excuses now could keep you from solving some of the retirement, estate planning and healthcare issues you may face in the future. 

Financial topics not being discussed Respondents in study who used an excuse to avoid discussing topic (2012 vs. 2007) Why this is an issue
Parent's current money or financial situation 53% vs. 43% Over half of boomers used excuses to avoid talking about money.

Talking to your family now about your financial situation can help ensure you take steps to improve your financial future.
Their wishes for their financial accounts 52% vs. 46% Survey respondents report feeling less confident about assuring family financial security and being able to leave wealth to their children than in 2007.

Discussing estate planning can help families feel more confident about their family financial legacy.
How they would like things handled if they had a catastrophic illness. 54% vs. 48% All generations report that healthcare costs are one of the greatest risks to their retirement security.

Discussing long-term care and healthcare today is a great first step toward creating a more confident outlook.
Conversation guides

Discussions about finances are hard. Use these conversation guides to help you start the conversation:

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Confidence and Conversations – Fewer and fewer people feel assured that they can meet their own financial goals.

Family First– Many Boomers continue to make family financial needs a priority over their own.

Gender Differences – Men and women differ on many issues and our study shows that discussing money is a key one.

Are you looking for more support in having meaningful family financial discussions? Meeting with a financial advisor can be a great first step toward creating an open and honest family dialogue.

The Money Across Generations II® study was commissioned by Ameriprise Financial, Inc. and conducted by telephone by GfK in December 2011 among 1,006 affluent baby boomers (those with $100,000 or more in investable assets); 300 parents of baby boomers; and 300 children of baby boomers at least 18 years old.