Everyone rewards spending.
We also reward saving, investing and more.

Ameriprise Rewards is a unique program that rewards your entire relationship with us. Not only will you earn points for your everyday purchases with an Ameriprise Financial MasterCard® credit card — you’ll also earn points for saving, investing and more. The result — you can earn more points, faster, with Ameriprise Rewards which can be redeemed for up to 1.50% cash back to reinvest.3

Earn a little extra on the things you do everyday.1,2
Rewards chart See how you can earn Rewards for spending, saving, investing and more. Ameriprise Rewards Program Terms & Conditions

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You’ve earned it, now enjoy it.
Great rewards or cash-back of up to 1.50% to reinvest.3

Quickly earn hundreds in cash back to reinvest — up to 1.50% cash back towards a financial plan or up to 1.5% cash back into a qualifying account3. Simply activate now, earn rewards points, then redeem them directly into your Ameriprise account.

Plan on savings. Pay for all or part of your financial plan with points.

Or redeem for other great rewards. Choose from free or discounted airline tickets, gift cards, your favorite brand-name goods and more.

Activate your Rewards today.

Activating your Ameriprise Rewards account is as easy as earning your favorite rewards. You’ll be automatically enrolled when you activate one of these cards:

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Ameriprise Rewards Program Terms & Conditions