Your financial needs

It all starts with you. Your immediate needs. Your dreams. For 120 years, it's been our business to help people like you work toward their goals.

Reach a specific milestone or mile pebble

Need help planning for a specific life dream or goal? Our financial advisors are experienced in helping clients with everything from college planning to retirement and estate planning, and the smaller things — such as vacations or home improvements — you may dream of in between.

Handle financial changes in your life

When you're getting married, buying a new house or starting your own business, you naturally have financial questions. But change can also arise unexpectedly, leaving you to manage an inheritance or cope with the loss of a spouse. Our financial advisors are available to help you when you're going through major life changes.

Plan for retirement or living in retirement

When can you retire? How long will your income last? Do you need to save more? Do you have the appropriate mix of investments? How will you handle health care expenses and required distributions? Whether you're still planning or living your retirement now, retirement has become increasingly complex. Our advisors can help you clear the pathway and address your obstacles.

Advice or a second opinion on financial decisions

Everyone could use a little financial advice now and again. A second opinion and personal financial analysis can be helpful when you're faced with a looming financial decision. When you establish a relationship with one of our approximately 10,000 financial advisors2, professional advice is only a phone call or an email away. We think your questions deserve more than a standard response from an anonymous financial advisor.

Build a solid financial foundation

No matter where you're coming from, we can help you systematically address your financial needs. We look at your entire financial situation — from cash and liabilities to protection, investments and taxes — to create a living, breathing plan that can help forge a clear path from today's realities to tomorrow's possibilities.

4 cornerstones of financial needs
The four cornerstones of your financial picture

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  • Cash and liabilities. Managing how much you save and how much you spend is key to reaching your financial goals.
  • Protection. We'll identify strategies to help protect you, your loved ones and the things you value in case something unexpected happens.
  • Investments. Saving more is usually not enough to help you reach your financial goals. You need a long-term investing strategy aligned with your goals and time horizon.
  • Taxes. Taxes can affect your ability to reach your financial goals. Tax-wise investing strategies can help you optimize how much you save toward your dreams and goals and gain control over your taxes when you retire.

If your financial needs are reflected here, you may find it valuable to get started with Ameriprise. We can help you address today's needs and create a plan to help you reach your dreams and goals of tomorrow. Find a financial advisor to work with.

1Source: Company data as of December 31, 2010.

2Source: Ameriprise Financial Fourth Quarter 2013 Statistical Supplement.

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