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To really help prospective employees understand who we are, we asked current employees to describe it, in their own words. Here's what they said.

“I love being able to assist clients with understanding their insurance and constantly learning new things.”

- Elizabeth, Outbound Call Unit Representative

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More than 83% of Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance employees say they are "extremely satisfied" with their work.

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“The other piece of my job that I really enjoy is interviewing new candidates to join Ameriprise. I always say in those interviews that I have worked 16 years with Ameriprise and I have never looked outside the organization. It's true. I feel like I work for the best organization that balances the employee, customer, and shareholder about as good as you can.”

- Brad, Manager, Client Service

“I enjoy the atmosphere and my co-workers. There are great opportunities to grow within the company.”

- Carlie, Sales Agent

“Ameriprise offers many opportunities for growth and development; the benefits are the best in the industry and the company truly cares about the well-being and satisfaction of their employees. I feel very blessed to be an employee of Ameriprise.”

- Marsha, Supervisor, Home Claims

“I like my job because it is challenging and I learn every day as a result of the challenges that are presented.”

- Michelle, Underwriter

“I absolutely love my job. My direct manager is extremely supportive both personally and professionally. She encourages me to grow and develop and has allowed me several opportunities to do so.”

- Connie, Sales Manager

“I like the culture here. I find it to be a welcoming environment and a home away from home.”

- Kim, Senior Manager, Sales

“Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance is not only a company that cares, but has great integrity. This is very important to me as an employee. We spend a great deal of time where we work, and it's essential that I work for an employer that does the right thing no matter what.”

- Christine, Senior Customer Coach

“I enjoy the working environment, it's like family!”

- Sara, Advisor Relationship Agent

“AAH is a company that I have found truly cares about its clients and employees. They have a Handle with Care philosophy for a client that also extends to their employees.”

- Dean, Senior Sales Agent

“I am able to help people every day when they are in challenging situations, such as an auto accident.”

- Josh, Property Damage Technical Specialist

“Ameriprise is a big company but we have very down-to-earth people or like others would say "we have a small town atmosphere". I honestly enjoy getting up every morning and coming to work. Ameriprise allows me to utilize my talents and has also helped build my talents. When I started here there were several times that I would say, "Oh I could never do that job." But, guess what? I have now done those jobs and feel great knowing that I have accomplished it.”

- Clair, Senior Team Leader of Quality Development Team and Client Service Complaint Coordinator

“I love my job! I love coming in every day. When I was in college, I struggled with my decision in whether to major in business or education. I did end up with a Bachelor's degree in business. I feel that my role has the best of both worlds. I get to coach my team in their development as well as working in a business field.”

- Jennifer, Team Leader, Client Service

“I love the concept of being rated on performance as opposed to tenure. Performance-based is holding yourself responsible and accountable for your own actions and career choices.”

- Beth, Auto/Home/RWR Service, Client Service

“Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance has always been flexible and has allowed me opportunities to grow as an insurance professional.”

- Eric, Bodily Injury Claims Supervisor, Claims

“My job allows me to utilize my creativity, positivity, and unique leadership style on a daily basis. I am not expected to conform to a traditional leadership style... I am able to express my vision and lead my team to the best of my abilities in my own way. My "outside-the-box" approach to various things is most often welcomed. I am encouraged in my job to find creative solutions to problem... There are so many opportunities for growth, development, and advancement. I thoroughly appreciate the educational opportunities provided to me as well - like tuition reimbursement, courses from our online Learning Management System, live instructor-led courses - among others.”

- Manda, Client Service Team Leader

“I love hearing from our clients and employees how different we are from other companies, because we care and it's genuine. We do not tolerate our clients or employees being treated with anything less than the utmost respect and understanding.”

- Brenda, Director, Client Services