I’ve Hired an Insurance Claim Attorney — What Can I Expect?

Once you hire an attorney, the communication with your insurance company will change. Your insurance company will no longer be able to talk to you about the claim. The insurer will be required to direct all communication to your attorney, and your attorney will communicate with you. However, you may continue to have non-claim-related discussions with your insurer, such as about other insurance policies you hold with the insurer, changing your coverages and topics that do not involve the claim on which you are represented by counsel.

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The decision to hire an attorney should be well-thought out, as it could change how your insurer is able to communicate information to you and you may need to provide your attorney with a percentage of any settlement proceeds or verdict award. On the other hand, an attorney can help you with forms, obtain records on your behalf, answer all of your questions and spend as much time with you as you will need in order for you to feel comfortable with the process. You always have the right to hire an attorney to represent you. But keep in mind that there are multiple avenues for you to pursue before making that kind of decision. We are always here to help.