Homeowners Insurance Coverage and Condo Insurance Coverage

Find Coverage that's Right for You and Your Home

Home insurance coverages generally apply to your home, your belongings, or both; and, there are coverage options for additional living expenses and liability. Deductibles are another factor to consider.

Dwelling Coverage

What is dwelling insurance and what does dwelling insurance cover? Get the facts on dwelling coverage and learn how it can help protect your home’s structure.

Other Structures Coverage

Other structures coverage insures structures not directly attached to your home. Discover examples of what other structures insurance covers today.

Personal Property Insurance

Personal property coverage protects belongings in your home. Learn more about personal property insurance, replacement cost coverage and actual cash value.

Scheduled Personal Property

Wondering how to best protect high value items inside your home? Learn about scheduled personal property insurance and how it works today.

Homeowners Endorsements

Personal injury endorsement and water backup & sump overflow coverage are just two homeowners insurance endorsements available. Discover other options now.

Earthquake Insurance

Learn about earthquake insurance and get answers to the question - what does earthquake insurance cover? - today.

Mine Subsidence Insurance

If your home is built on an existing mine, it’s important to understand mine subsidence insurance & how it works. Learn about mine subsidence coverage now.

Loss of Use Coverage

Loss of use coverage is essential if a circumstance arises that causes your home to be uninhabitable. Find out about loss of use insurance & what it covers.

Personal Liability Insurance

If you’re found liable for property damage or injuries to someone – are you able to cover associated costs? Learn how personal liability insurance can help.

Medical Payments Coverage

What is med payment insurance? Get an understanding of medical payments coverage and how it can protect you from situations that occur on your property now.

Insurance Deductible

When it comes to your coverage, it’s important to have a solid understanding of what an insurance deductible is and how it works. Find out that & more now.