What is liability insurance?

Liability insurance, also known as personal liability insurance or third party insurance, will help offset the costs of court awards and pay for a defense in the event that you (or covered residents of your household) are found legally responsible for injuries to someone else or damage to someone else’s property.

What does liability insurance cover?

A few examples of when you may need personal liability coverage are if the following happens:

  • Your child hits a baseball through your neighbor’s window and breaks expensive china
  • A houseguest falls down your stairs and breaks a leg
  • A ladder you left outside falls onto your child’s friend
  • Your mother-in-law falls through your gazebo

How much personal liability insurance do I need?

The amount you need largely depends on your situation. For instance:

  • Do you love to entertain and invite neighbors and friends over often?
  • Do your children often have friends over?
  • Do you have gardeners or housekeepers?
  • Do you keep a lot of firearms on your property?

These are all scenarios where you may want to have personal liability coverage. Maximum amounts are specified in your policy.

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