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Umbrella Insurance

Learn about umbrella coverage, discounts and payments

Accidents happen. But, the unexpected doesn't need to put your car, home or savings at risk. For the times an insurance claim is more than your auto or home insurance policy's liability limits, umbrella insurance provides additional coverage.


We have answers to common umbrella insurance questions like: What is umbrella insurance? Do I need an umbrella policy? Then, get a free insurance quote!


Umbrella insurance from Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance comes with two flexible payment options.


Pair an umbrella policy with our car insurance and reap the rewards of our Multi-Product discount. Get a free umbrella insurance quote!

Get a Free Insurance Quote

Give us a call to discuss your umbrella insurance options. Keep in mind, we typically require that you have an active auto policy with our company in order to have umbrella insurance. Call today – we'd love to talk it over.