Driving Safety

Ideas to help you handle your car with care.

Stay safe while driving and keep your car, truck or van humming on the highways and byways.

Safe driving

Refresh your driving knowledge with Ameriprise Auto & Home's safe driving tips and tools. Keep you, your family, and others safe on the road.

Car buying

Car ownerships can be fantastic or a world of trouble. Here are some of Ameriprise Auto & Home car buying tips for the new and experienced owner.

Car maintenance

Life's hectic enough without having car trouble. Take a look at Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance's car care tips to keep your car running properly.

Jason’s Real-life Story

We got this e-mail thank you from Jason, who was involved in an accident with an Ameriprise Auto & Home policyholder.

“It is really great when you can call into an insurance company and be greeted with such professional and courteous service.

Thank you for everything you do and for being who you are, it is appreciated...”