Car Care: How to Take Care of Your Car

Get the most out of your new vehicle.

You sign the papers, drive it off the lot, and the new car you have been waiting for is finally yours. How do you maintain that new car feeling as long as possible? Prep your vehicle for a long life by using the following tips:

  1. Rev Rev: Avoid over-accelerating for the first 1,000 miles.
  2. Curb Your Speed: Check your owner's manual to see if your car's manufacturer suggests speed limitations while the vehicle is new.
  3. Don't Idle: If possible, do not let your vehicle idle for a long period of time. Oil pressure drops during idle, and makes it difficult for oil to circulate through the entire engine.
  4. Heavy Loads: Avoid carrying heaving loads like trailers, roof racks or heavy materials in the trunk to reduce strain on the new engine.
  5. Keep a Clean House: Change your oil twice during the break-in period. Once after driving 20 miles and again at 1,000 miles. Using this oil-change protocol will remove initial engine sediment, and positively impact performance.
  6. Soap Up: Wash your car once a week. This simple tip can help reduce nicks and scratches caused by road grime.
  7. Clean Machine: Inside the vehicle, stay away from protectants that can break down the vinyl. Wipe the interior down with a clean cloth instead. If you have cloth seats, apply a coat of fabric protector to the carpets and upholstery.

Your auto salesperson is also a great resource for advice on breaking in a new car. When you sit down to get your new keys, ask about manufacturer advice or experience your salesperson has had with other drivers who've purchased this vehicle. Then, enjoy your new vehicle!