Home Safety Tips

Use these home safety ideas to protect your home.

Home safety tips for when you are away

These 5 home safety tips may help keep burglars away when you are not at home.

10 Turkey fryer tips to help stay safe

Frying a turkey is a popular holiday tradition. Learn how to steer clear of turkey fryer accidents with these must-know turkey fryer tips.

5 signs you (really) need new holiday lights

Practicing Christmas light safety is an essential part of holiday decorating. Follow these Christmas safety tips to keep you and your loved ones protected.

Your guide to carbon monoxide safety

Carbon monoxide safety is important and something all families should be aware of. Learn about the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning and how to stay safe.

Christmas tree fire safety tips

230 homes are damaged each year by Christmas tree fires. Protect your home this holiday by following these Christmas tree fire safety tips.

Fire prevention tips to help protect your home

A house fire puts both your house and your family at risk. Read these fire prevention tips and learn how to prevent fires to keep your loved ones protected.

Home security systems

Whether purchasing a new home security system or upgrading your existing one, use our home security system checklist to help simplify the process.

Water heater safety

Water heater safety is a dangerous thing to take for granted. Keep your home safe with these simple hot water heater safety tips.

18 electrical safety tips for homeowners

Five areas of your home are crucial to electrical safety. This infographic highlights the areas to check to keep you safe.

Fireplace safety tips to prepare for winter

Maintaining your fireplace is an important step in helping prevent home fires. Read this fireplace safety guide & learn how to clean your chimney.

Home invasion, home robbery and home burglary

Whether you're a victim of home invasion, home robbery or home burglary, Ameriprise Auto & Home has a step-by-step guide to help during this tough time.

Help prevent home burglary

From alarms to types of locks, knowing how to protect your home is crucial. Review this infographic on home security tips and learn how to prevent burglary.

Trampoline safety: What you need to know

Our trampoline safety guide explains how to help minimize trampoline injuries and how owning a trampoline may affect homeowners insurance coverage.

Camping safety

Whether you love checking out new campgrounds or camp just a few times each summer, follow these camping safety tips to help keep the bugs at bay!

Fire pit safety tips

Hold the s’mores. Our backyard fire pit how-to guide tells how to prevent fire pit injuries and property damage.

Fireworks safety

Whether you are lighting a few sparklers or putting on a more elaborate fireworks show, these fireworks safety tips help you celebrate in style.

Grilling safety tips

Getting ready for a family cookout? Consider these grilling safety tips to protect you and your loved ones during BBQ season.