Understanding Insurance Coverage

Choosing the right insurance coverage means understanding your options. Find your need-to-know insurance information here.

Why non-profit and corporate board members and officers may need D&O insurance

Check out the reasons corporate and non-profit board members and officers may find D&O insurance positively affects their personal insurance policies.

Is an umbrella insurance policy right for you?

An umbrella insurance policy covers you when the limits on your auto or home policies have been exhausted. See if umbrella insurance is right for you.

4 questions to ask about car and home insurance when you move

Moving to a new home? Ameriprise Auto & Home provides you with the four questions you need to ask about home and car insurance when you move.

Home market value vs. home replacement cost

When determining how much to insure your home for, it's important to understand the difference between your home's market value and it's replacement cost.

Homeowners insurance declaration page basics

A homeowner's declaration page outlines your insurance coverage. Take a look at this guide for a simple breakdown of your homeowner insurance terms.

Actual cash value of a total loss vehicle: What you need to know

If your car is deemed a total loss vehicle after an accident, it's important to know how to calculate actual cash value. Learn more now.

Insurance for college students

Do you have questions about insurance coverage for college students? Learn if your child is covered under your auto, home or umbrella insurance.

Old car insurance: Effective coverage for your aging vehicle

If you drive an older car, you may be able to adjust your coverage to save money. Learn about old vehicle insurance and removing physical damage coverage.

Understanding property damage mitigation

Prevent additional property damage when filing a home insurance claim. Learn more about property damage mitigation from Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance.

You ask, we explain: Replacement cost coverage

What is Replacement Cost Coverage? Review this breakdown and learn about the differences between Replacement Cost Value and Actual Cash Value today.

Understanding your deductible

You can save money on insurance by raising your deductible. Learn how your car insurance deductible works and how it affects your insurance premium.

Water damage insurance claims vs. flood damage claims

Water has damaged your home. Determine if you need to file a water damage insurance claim or a flood damage insurance claim. You ask. We explain.

Understanding negligence and liability

Understanding negligence and liability can be tricky. We break it down and answer common questions including: What is negligence? Learn more now.

What is umbrella insurance?

What is Umbrella Insurance? It's the insurance that protects your assets. Check out the scenarios that may call for an Umbrella Insurance policy.

What to know when shopping for car insurance

Shopping for car insurance? You may be feeling the stress. Let us help you figure out what you need to know before getting an auto insurance quote.

Car storage insurance tips

When you put your vehicle in storage, you want it to be properly insured. Learn about your options with these car storage insurance tips.

Become street savvy: Earn a defensive driving discount

Protect yourself and your wallet. Learn how to earn a defensive driving discount with these tips from Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance.

Do I need utility trailer insurance coverage?

Determine if you need to add utility trailer insurance coverage to your car insurance policy by answering these questions. You ask. We explain.

Auto insurance for your rental car

When you rent a car, understanding the difference between rental car insurance and rental car coverage can help you decide which insurance policy you need.

Car insurance rates after an accident

How much does insurance go up after an accident? Ameriprise Auto & Home can help answer car owners' questions about the impact on your insurance rates.

How to add a driver to car insurance

There are a number of reasons why you may need to add a driver to car insurance. Follow these tips to help guide you to getting proper protection for all.

Liability car insurance limits

Learn about liability car insurance, which is the maximum insurance policy paid during an accident. Policies appear as 250/500/250. See what they cover.

Guide to new car replacement insurance and GAP coverage

If you drive a new car and are in an accident, do you have the coverage to replace it? That's where New Car Replacement Insurance and GAP Insurance come in.

Do you need coverage for rental car reimbursement?

Coverage for car rental reimbursement can be added to car insurance policies to help pay for a rental car after an accident or other covered claim.

A drive-by look at Ameriprise Auto & Home roadside assistance

Whether you have a flat tire or a dead battery, roadside assistance can come in handy. Learn more about Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance's roadside assistance.

Car insurance coverage you need to help protect you from an uninsured motorist or underinsured motorist

Learn how your car insurance policy's Uninsured Motorist Coverage helps protect you in case of an accident with an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

What does car insurance cover?

What does car insurance cover? Every driver should know. And, it's especially important for drivers who drive their cars for work or volunteer activities. Read more at Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance

Understanding excluded drivers and your auto insurance policy

Does someone in your household have a separate policy or a poor driving record? Here’s what an excluded driver on insurance means for your auto policy.

Whose insurance applies when you borrow a car?

When you borrow a car, you may also be borrowing the car insurance. Here's what you need to know before you borrow the car!

Tips for working with your insurance adjuster

If you have a claim, an insurance adjuster will need your help to resolve it. Here are some tips.

Understanding computer insurance

Electronics are important. That's why you want to be sure your home insurance policy includes laptop insurance or computer insurance coverage.

Condo insurance explained

If you own a condominium, or if you plan to buy a condo, it's important to know what kind of condo insurance coverage you'll need.

Condo insurance vs. townhome insurance

There are many differences when it comes to a townhouse vs. condo – especially insurance policies. View this infographic for a comprehensive breakdown.

Understanding the benefits of electronics insurance coverage

Protecting your electronic devices is simple with our Home Media endorsement. Learn how it provides computer insurance, TV insurance coverage and more.

Medical payments to others vs. personal liability coverage

Homeowners insurance policies typically include both Medical Payments to Others coverage and Personal Liability coverage. Here's why.

Your guide to scheduled personal property coverage

From engagement ring insurance to coverage for other valuable items, protecting your possessions is crucial. Learn about personal property coverage today.

Solar panels for home

Are you among the millions of homeowners considering solar panels for your home? Here are some questions to ask your insurance company or agent.

Water backup coverage and preparedness

Learn how Water Backup coverage and other simple precautionary steps can help minimize water damage if water backs up and wreaks havoc in the basement.

Do I Need an Umbrella Policy?

Learn how umbrella insurance works to provide protection so you can answer the common question, “Do I need umbrella insurance?” today.

International car insurance

Driving abroad? Here's all the important information about International car insurance that will lead to a safe and successful trip.

Do I need flood insurance?

Standard home insurance policies don't cover flood damage. Here's what you need to know about flood insurance coverage and National Flood Insurance.

Identity theft protection tips

Every two seconds someone is the victim of identity theft in the U.S. – learn how to protect yourself with these identity theft protection tips.

Event insurance

If you're hosting a wedding, family reunion or other special event, you may need event insurance. Here's how homeowners and umbrella insurance fit in.

Umbrella insurance for when your home liability runs out

Umbrella insurance covers you when your home insurance limits run out.

Umbrella policy for renters

Having additional coverage under an umbrella policy could come in handy, particularly if you’re a renter. Find out what umbrella insurance coverage protects.

Car insurance rates explained

How is car insurance calculated? Car insurance rates are set by a number of influencing factors such as age, gender, driving history and more.

Contents Insurance Guide

Contents insurance provides coverage for your belongings. Learn how home contents insurance works to protect items in your house, condo or apartment.

What is renters insurance?

Renters insurance offers protection in case you need it. Read more on the benefits of having renters insurance from Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance.

Payment holidays

Are you missing a chance to celebrate? Find out by learning more about payment holidays.

Specialty insurance

Specialty insurance can be purchased for items that are special and unique. It can also protect items that might otherwise be covered under another policy.