Become Street Savvy: Earn a Defensive Driving Discount

Drive Defensively and Win

Complete a defensive driving course and you may be eligible for a defensive driving discount. Typically for more mature drivers, a defensive driving course serves to refresh knowledge on rules of the road and enhance driving skills.

Discounts vary from state to state as the specific course requirements are regulated by state law. Call your insurance company to confirm the age requirements, restrictions and other eligibility criteria before you enroll.

Hit the Books…Online or In-Person

Defensive driving courses are often available both online and in-person. Complete the course in either format to earn your Defensive Driver discount.

Not just any old class will do. Look for courses through the DMV and other accredited organizations. Check out your local community center or community college. They might also offer a comparable course. Find a list of all approved courses from your state’s Department of Public Safety or check with your insurance company before you sign up.

Credit Where Credit is Due

After completing the defensive driving course, keep a copy of your completion certificate. You’ll need to submit it to your insurance company before receiving the discount. And, you’ll have to periodically re-take the course and provide an updated certificate; check with your insurance company to find out how often you’ll need to recertify.

Premium and Pavement Peace of Mind

A defensive driving course not only helps you reduce your premium, but it also provides you greater peace of mind on the road. It’s been a while since most of us completed drivers’ education. Taking a defensive driving course acts as a great refresher on the rules of the road.