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Ameriprise Insurance Claims Process

From home insurance to car insurance claims, discover step-by-step guides and the resources you need to file a claim with Ameriprise Auto and Home.

Filing an auto insurance claim: what to expect

Want to know what to expect when filing an auto insurance claim? Here are the answers to your questions about filing an auto insurance claim.

Filing a homeowners claim: insurance claim questions & answers

Need to file a homeowners insurance claim? We want the process to be easy. Here's what you can expect throughout the home insurance claim process.

How long does an insurance claim take?

The length of an insurance claim investigation process depends on various factors. Learn more about the process to determine how long it takes to settle a claim.

Total loss car vs. repairable vehicles

What’s the difference between a total loss car & a repairable vehicle? Learn how a vehicle is determined to be a total loss & factors that go into the decision.

How to determine car value

The market value of your car is known as its Actual Cash Value. Learn how the market value of your car is determined and how insurance companies establish the ACV.

What is subrogation?

What is subrogation and what steps can you take to lower your premium? Learn about a subrogation claim today.

Auto insurance claim process

If your vehicle is damaged, you may need to file a car insurance claim. View this step-by-step guide on the auto insurance claim process to get started.

Home insurance claim guide

What happens when you need to file a home insurance claim? Here's a handy home claim guide to help you file a home insurance claim.

What to do if insurance denies your claim

From additional evidence to filing a lawsuit, there are steps you can take if your insurance claim is denied or you disagree with the compensation. Learn more.

What happens after your car is totaled?

Wondering what happens when insurance totals your car? Here’s what you can expect from your insurance company if your car is deemed a total loss.

I’ve hired an insurance claim attorney — what can I expect?

Hiring a claims lawyer will change the communication you have with your insurance company. Find out what to expect when working with an insurance claim attorney.