How Long Does an Insurance Claim Take to Settle

Depending on the type of accident you’ve been involved in, there may be numerous facets to settling your claim. Some of the behind-the-scenes activities that are being done to conclude your claim may include:

  • Obtaining statements
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Performing inspections
  • Reconstructing the accident
  • Taking photographs of the scene
  • Obtaining medical records and bills
  • Conducting independent medical examinations

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All of these tasks take time, and that time may be extended, depending on an outside expert’s availability or punctuality.

Please keep in mind that just because you have not heard from your insurer in a while does not mean that the representative is not working diligently on your claim. If you are seeking an update, you are always welcome to call to check on the status of your claim. Your representative will communicate information with you as it becomes available and provide you with period status notices.