Make the most of your client relationship!

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Client Benefits

Your Relationship with Ameriprise Financial Provides Even More!

Your relationship with Ameriprise Financial packs a powerful punch. Clients receive an exclusive discount just for doing business with Ameriprise Financial.1

How valuable is this discount?

Ameriprise Financial clients save an average of $565.78 on auto insurance in the first year when they switch!2 That's more than a little something to love.

Get more mileage from your relationship.

The benefits of being an Ameriprise Financial client extend beyond the exclusive insurance discount you receive. We've developed a custom benefits package for Ameriprise Financial clients. It includes:

Lifetime Renewability

Talk about security.

As an Ameriprise Financial client, in most states, you receive lifetime renewability for your auto insurance policy as long as certain basic conditions are met. If something unexpected happens—or if it happens more than once—we're with you. That means regardless of the number of accidents you have, we will not cancel your auto policy.3

Personal Property Protection Packages

For the finer things in life.

These innovative packages were developed especially for Ameriprise Financial clients. They offer many benefits, such as: no appraisals or individual itemizations required, no deductible, all-risk coverage, and claims paid at replacement cost value.4

Treasure Package —

For jewelry, fine arts and silver.

Home Media Package —

For cameras, camcorders, computers, TVs, stereos and cellphones.

Adventure Package —

For golf clubs, skis, bikes, and fishing equipment.