Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are a great way to see what it’s like working with Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance; below, you can read the home and auto insurance reviews from customers detailing their experience with us. They mention our superior customer service and more!

"Everyone I have ever dealt with at Ameriprise Insurance has been great.  From the first time I called to get quotes to current. We have, and will continue to, highly recommend Ameriprise Insurance for home and automobile.  Thank you!"

- Debra B.

"From the very first call, all the representatives have been caring and professional. I am very impressed with the effort put forth on my behalf. Thank you."

- Kathaleen S.

"What a great experience! From beginning to end I felt Ameriprise Insurance was moving quickly to resolve my claim by working for me and not against me."

- Samuel M.

"You guys are the best insurance company I have worked with."

- Tim S.

"Your rates are among the lowest I have ever experienced. Your people are very helpful and thorough."

- John J.

"Ameriprise Insurance is by far the best insurance company I have ever had in terms of service and value for the money."

- James J.

"My agent was friendly and informative.  We saved quite a bit of money switching to Ameriprise Insurance."

- Cynthia H.

"The agent was extremely helpful; offering options and clear explanations that allowed us to make an informed decision."

- James F.

"Since joining Ameriprise Insurance for my auto insurance I have had absolutely NO complaints.  Professional, courteous and knowledgeable service over the years."

- Louis P.

"Love you guys.  Always helpful as needed.  I recommend you to anyone who has issues with their insurance or is looking for a change."

- Lynda F.