What is mine subsidence insurance?

Coal mining was a booming business in the United States from the 1880s to early 1900s. However, when mines were cleared out of all the coal (or activity stopped at the mine for another reason), they were just filled in or abandoned as they were. Today, millions of homes are built over the tops of old mines.

In states where properties are built over existing, abandoned mines, mine subsidence coverage protects you if your home is lost or damaged when land shifts (called “mine subsidence”) due to a man-made mine collapsing or eroding below. Keep in mind, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia are among the states that require insurance companies to offer this coverage. If you prefer not to pay for it, you must sign a form confirming this.

What does mine subsidence insurance cover?

Specifically, mine subsidence insurance helps cover damage to any building that is located over a mine. This damage could include cracks in the foundation of your home, issues with your house settling or the collapse of the entire structure.

Do I need mine subsidence insurance?

Not every state offers this coverage. In the states that do, you can request access to a map that will show whether your home is located over an old mine. Keep in mind, states can control the maximum amount of coverage you can buy.