Homeowners Insurance Discounts

See How Much You Can Save on Home Insurance or Condo Insurance

Whether you're in your first home or your dream home, our homeowners insurance discounts help make insurance affordable.

You have a relationship with an Ameriprise financial advisor. So, we may be able to offer you a discount on your auto policy simply for your connection to Ameriprise Financial. There are no hoops to jump through; just provide your advisor's name or client ID at the time you purchase a policy. We'll take it from there. Being an Ameriprise Financial client has other benefits as well — find out more.

Nothing beats that new home feeling. If you build a new home, buy a new home or even fall in love with a newly constructed condo, you can keep reliving that new home feeling with our Age of Home discount.

How does it work? Simply put: The newer your home, the greater the discount. We'll use the age of your home to calculate your discount. All you have to do is save.

You take care of your house – maintenance is your middle name. We love that! So, in some states, we may be able to offer a discount on your home policy if you haven't filed a claim in the last five years.

We know. We know. Safety is its own reward. But, we can still celebrate the steps you take to make your home or condo even more secure with our Home Safety Features discounts.

You may qualify for these discounts if you have:

  • Smoke alarms
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Security alarms
  • Monitored fire and/or security system
  • Sprinkler system
  • Fire extinguishers

When you take steps to make your home safer and more secure, Home Safety Features discounts are our little way of saying thanks.

Like to celebrate birthdays? Never miss an anniversary?

Our Tenure discount has your name written all over it. As its name suggests, the Tenure discount rewards you for staying with us. We might be able to mark your policy anniversary with a gesture that's always in style – a discount on either your home or condo insurance policy.

Wondering when you can celebrate your anniversary with us? The state you live in determines exactly if and when you qualify for the discount. Ask your client service representative to see if you might save.

Bundle up! You may receive additional discounts if you bundle your home insurance with other policies or Ameriprise products.

When you hold two or three insurance policies with Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance – or have a relationship with Ameriprise Financial – you may qualify for our Multi-Product discount.

Here's how it works:

If you already have a home insurance policy with Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance and you add an auto insurance policy, umbrella insurance policy, you have a relationship with an Ameriprise advisor (or an active Ameriprise client ID) – or any combination of those – we'll give you an additional discount on your home insurance.

Savings never sounded so simple!

We offer discounts for:

  • Roof Replacement — We provide a discount if you have completely replaced your roof (not a new layer on top of old shingles) within the last nine years.
  • Heating and Cooling Renovation — We provide a discount if both heating and cooling systems have been removed and replaced in the last nine years.
  • Electrical Renovation — We provide a discount if the entire electrical system has been removed and replaced within the last nine years.
  • Plumbing Renovation — We provide a discount if the entire plumbing system has been removed and replaced within the last seven years.

In order to qualify for any of these discounts, the work must have been completed by a licensed contractor and meet local codes. For electrical and plumbing renovations, we must also receive valid proof of repairs.