How's My Driving? A 10-Question Quiz.

Take our quiz. Then, check out the tips below to improve your safety rating.

Are you an ultra-safe driver? Or, does your driving skew to the sketchy side? Ask yourself these 10 questions to find out. Then, read our top 10 tips to improve your driving.

1. Do you actively scan intersections before you pass through them?

2. Do you typically follow at a distance that allows you to respond to sudden brake lights?

3. Would you call yourself a focused driver, or are you distracted while driving?

4. Are you comfortable driving at night? Are you comfortable driving in heavy traffic, or at high speeds?

5. Are you able to negotiate curves and turns with ease?

6. Do you yield to others – pedestrians in a crosswalk, or other drivers that need to merge?

7. Do you scan your mirrors, check your blindspot and use your directional regularly?

8. When you travel long distances into or through other states, do you research local traffic laws?

9. When you drive alone, do you wear a seat belt? When others drive with you, do you require them to wear seatbelts?

10. Do you adjust your driving tendencies in adverse weather conditions?

10 Tips to Improve Your Driving

1. Be aware. Keep your eye on traffic flow in general and on the car in front of you.

2. Follow safely. Leave enough space between you and the car you're following.

3. Limit distractions. Give driving your attention and limit distractions – like your cell phone or music – to stay safe.

4. Confidence matters. Drive with confidence and humility. Be brave, but be smart!

5. Be smart about turns. Be aware of a car's turning radius—especially when parking.

6. Keep your eyes on the prize. Slow to allow someone to merge if lanes narrow, and look before backing out of a parking spot.

7. Send a signal. Use your turn signals to tell other drivers your intentions.

8. Drive local. Double-check local traffic laws to avoid easily preventable slip-ups, like speeding.

9. Make safety matter. Make your safety and the safety of others your first priority.

10. Be weather-smart. Choose to arrive late rather than getting a ticket or in an accident if conditions change.