How to Rent an Apartment or Home

First-time renters. Long-time tenants. No matter your tenure, these ‘how to rent' tips and tricks will give you maintenance and safety ideas to make the most of your rental apartment or home.

Renter Resources

Energy saving tips for renters

Reduce your energy consumption and your rent cost with these energy saving tips. Who doesn't want to go green while saving some money along the way?

Home buyers guide: Understanding rent-to-own homes

When you buy a house, it helps to know your options. We answer the question, ‘What is rent-to-own?' to help you decide if rent-to-own homes are a fit for you.

Renters' rights

Do you ever wonder what your landlord can or cannot do within lease terms? What are your renters' rights? We help answer some of those questions and more.

Rent vs. buy

Renting a house vs buying a house. If this is the quandary you're in, check out the pros and cons of renting versus buying before making a big move.

Roommate Agreement

Getting a new roommate? Print this roommate agreement form and learn how a roommate contract can help you avoid complications down the road.