What is scheduled personal property coverage?

Scheduled personal property coverage is insurance that covers special, high-value, nonstandard items you’ve added to your homeowners policy “after the fact.” In this instance, “after the fact” would mean items that you’ve specifically called out to be added to your homeowners policy while you are in the process of purchasing homeowners insurance. These items need separate coverage so you can ensure they are completely covered if something happens to them.

What does scheduled personal property insurance cover?

To ensure your high-value items have adequate coverage, you can list (or "schedule") them on your home insurance policy. In most states, you may schedule items in any of the following categories:

  • Jewelry, such as engagement and wedding rings
  • Stamps, coins, ceramics and other collections
  • Cameras and equipment
  • Computers
  • Fine art, such as paintings, rugs and vases
  • Firearms
  • Furs
  • Golf equipment
  • Musical instruments and equipment
  • Silverware

Be sure to occasionally take stock of any high-value items you may have recently bought or been gifted. It’s also a good idea to get appraisals done on a regular basis, as the cost of these items can fluctuate over time. Scheduling these items helps ensure that you'll receive maximum reimbursement in the case of loss. Check out our Scheduling Personal Property infographic for more information.