Renters Insurance Discounts

Affordable insurance, handled with care

If you are looking for ways to save on your renters insurance, check out the discounts we offer qualifying customers.

Costco Affinity Discount

Your Costco membership pays off in more ways than one. If you purchase a policy with us, you’ll receive a discount simply for your affinity to Costco. There are no hoops to jump through – just provide your Costco membership number at the time you purchase a policy. Find out about the other valuable benefits Costco members may receive.

Home Safety Features Discount

You may receive a discount on your renters insurance if you rent an apartment or house that includes certain safety features, like:

  • Smoke alarms
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Security alarms
  • A sprinkler system

Here’s to your safety. And, here’s to protecting the things that matter to you most!

Tenure Discount

Celebrate certain anniversaries with Ameriprise Auto & Home. After you’ve been insured with us for one year, the longer you stay, you may earn certain discounts. It’s just one way we can say happy anniversary.

Multi-Product Discount

There is more than one benefit to purchasing all of your policies from a single insurance company. Convenience is one. Multi-product discounts are another. We offer these insurance discounts when you pair both your auto insurance and renters insurance with us. An even deeper discount may be available when you add an umbrella policy as a third area of coverage or if you have an Ameriprise Financial account!

Now, that’s a powerful combination.

Claims Free Discount

If you haven’t filed a home insurance claim in the last five years, you’re eligible for the Claims Free discount. And if you did, but the payment was less than $500, don’t worry about it – we won’t consider that claim when determining eligibility for the discount.