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Specialty Insurance

Insurance Coverage for ATVs, Motorcycles, RVs, Boats, Classic Cars and Floods

Whether you ride the trails on an ATV, hug the corners on a motorcycle, own rental property, log country miles to your RV destination, skim waterways on your boat or cruise the highway in your classic car, you've found your passion. We want to help you protect it.

We've partnered with industry-leading specialty insurance companies to help you find coverage for the usual and the unusual, so you can get back to doing what you enjoy most. You can purchase a wide variety of specialty insurance policies, including:

Whether you ride for fun or function, ATV insurance helps you navigate the terrain, knowing you have coverage to help protect your ATV should the unexpected happen. An ATV insurance policy brings together the coverage you need and the lifestyle you enjoy. Whether you have a brand-new ATV or you want to see how much you can save on an existing all-terrain vehicle, call us at 1.800.297.8136 to get an ATV insurance quote.

No matter how you ride the waves—by sailboat, pontoon, motorboat, fishing boat or personal watercraft, like a jet ski, Watercraft insurance helps you navigate trouble-free. Policies are available whether you prefer wind in your sails or the crashing of waves in your speed boat. If you are looking to add or update a Watercraft insurance policy, call us at 1.800.297.8136 to get a quote.

No matter how you describe your pride and joy—a classic car, a collector car or an antique car—we have insurance coverage for it. So, whether you've put countless hours into a restoration or purchased a showcase vehicle that turns heads, you'll want to make sure your prized possession has adequate coverage. Regardless of model year, Collector Car insurance provides coverage for the star in your garage. Get a Collector Car insurance quote online and see how much you can save!

Rising water from storms can wreak havoc on your home and everything in it. Because a standard home insurance policy does not cover flood damage, a flood could also wreak havoc on your pocketbook. Flood insurance, which is offered through the National Flood Insurance Program, helps protect your home and your possessions when Mother Nature sends high water your way. Call us at 1.800.297.8136 to get a quote.

Need more information? Visit our Flood Insurance Q&A.

To you, nothing is better than the thrill of the open road. Motorcycle insurance helps you enjoy the ride even more, knowing your motorcycle is protected in the event of an accident, storm or other natural disaster. Motorcycle insurance is designed for your machine and your lifestyle, giving you the freedom to ride with less worry. If you have a classic motorcycle or a brand new bike, call 1.800.297.8136 to get a Motorcycle insurance quote today.

For some, an RV offers freedom to travel the open road, choosing destinations as the wind blows. For others, a camper or motor home provides the chance to enjoy a season or two in the great outdoors. Whether you're planning a weekend at the campground or a cross-country road trip, RV insurance helps keeps you on the road, with coverage designed to fit your camper or motor home. Call 1.800.297.8136 to see how our RV insurance can help you enjoy life in your RV.

Whether you have a rental property to provide extra income, as a long-term investment, or you just like the adventure of being a landlord, you want to make sure your rental property is properly protected. Because there are tenants involved, there's more to consider when making your insurance choices. Call us at 1.800.297.8136 to get a quote.

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Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance offers Specialty insurance through a group of well-respected, hand-picked partners that include: American Modern, Arrowhead, Chubb, Embrace, Hartford, Progressive and RLI. Call us at 1.800.297.8136 to get a quote.

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