Umbrella Insurance Discounts

Earn our bundling discounts

When you show your loyalty by purchasing multiple products from our company, we'll reward you with increasing levels of our Multi-Product discount.

Auto + Umbrella

We love it when you double up. And, we want to reward you for doing it.

If you already have car insurance with Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance and you purchase umbrella coverage, you will be eligible for a discount on your car insurance.

Umbrella insurance provides additional coverage beyond the liability limits of your auto insurance policy. With umbrella coverage, get a little added protection and added peace of mind.

So, go ahead, double up!

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Auto + Home/Condo/Tenant + Umbrella

We could call it the ‘thrice as nice' package. When you buy an umbrella insurance policy, auto insurance policy and a home, condo or tenant insurance policy from Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance, you may earn an even deeper discount on your car insurance.

When you bring all three policies together, you'll not only enjoy the convenience of having all your policies with one insurance company, you may also be eligible for a greater Multi-Product discount. 

Auto + Umbrella + Ameriprise Financial Account

If you have an Ameriprise Financial account (i.e., you have an active Ameriprise Financial client ID), we'll consider that when determining your level of Multi-Product discount. The more products the merrier!

Just have your Ameriprise Financial client ID on hand when you call. Then, let your sales agent know – we'll take it from there to ensure you receive all the discounts you are eligible to receive.

Auto + Home/Condo/Tenant + Umbrella + Ameriprise Financial Account

When you combine four products, you'll receive our deepest Multi-Product discount. Who said having all your eggs in one basket was a bad thing? In this case, it means you may earn additional savings!

It only makes sense – we reward the greatest loyalty with the greatest level of discount. We're just grateful we can consider you one of our most dedicated clients.