Insurance for College Students

Liability, Personal and Auto Protection for Your College Student

You are packing up the car with all of your college student’s belongings before he or she hits the road and heads back to school for the year ahead. As you pack, you notice how many items of value are going to accompany your student. A laptop, TV, tablet, Blu-ray® player, gaming system, cellphone and other electronics are all in tow. It gets you thinking…how are all these items protected while your student is away at college? How is your student protected while still a dependent but not living in your home full-time?  Some other questions that may come to mind around college insurance include:

  • Is personal property protected under your home insurance policy, or do you need to purchase a separate policy?
  • Do college students living away from home have different auto insurance needs than students living at home?
  • What if something catastrophic happens while your student is away? Is he or she still covered by your family’s umbrella policy?

Insurance for college students: You ask. We explain.

Protecting Personal Property with Student Renters Insurance

Good news: A dependent student living in a dormitory or an apartment near campus during the school term is still covered by your home policy. But, coverage for student possessions is limited to 10 percent of your home, renters or condominium contents coverage, and policy deductibles still apply if contents are damaged or stolen.

Car insurance for college students away from home

If students live away from home year-round, your home insurance policy will not provide coverage for their possessions. In that case, students may want to consider seeking coverage by purchasing a renters insurance policy. These student renters insurance policies can be relatively inexpensive, particularly when compared with the peace of mind they provide.

Car Insurance for College Students

Do college students need different auto insurance coverage when they go away to school?

  • Students who are taking a vehicle to college can stay on their current policy whether it is the family policy or their own.
  • Even if your student is not taking a vehicle to school, he or she is required to stay on your auto insurance policy. Students going to school more than 100 miles from home without a vehicle are eligible for a “Student 100 Miles Away” discount.

Whether or not your student is taking a vehicle to school, encourage your son or daughter to maintain good grades. Students who maintain a “B” average are eligible for a Good Student Discount.

Personal Umbrella Coverage

Your college student is headed off to experience new degrees of freedom. While they work toward adulthood, an umbrella policy can help protect them in the event of a catastrophic event or potential lawsuit.  If you currently have a personal liability umbrella policy, your student is covered if they are still a dependent, considered a member of the household and are living at college during the school year. Having this type of insurance for college students can give you additional peace of mind while they’re away.