A Drive-By Look at Ameriprise Auto & Home Roadside Assistance

Help When You Need It

Flat tires, stalled engines, or simply a case of "Who didn't fill up the tank?!" could leave you stranded on the side of the road and in less than positive spirits. Luckily, for some Ameriprise Auto Insurance customers, we offer towing coverage that can be added to many policies.

Auto Insurance Towing Coverage

When you add towing coverage to your insured vehicle, you may receive assistance if you:

  • Have a flat tire
  • Have a dead battery
  • Get locked out of your car
  • Get stuck in the mud or snow
  • Run out of gas

Peace of Mind

Add some peace of mind to your travels this year by adding Roadside Assistance to your auto insurance policy. You'll be sure a flat tire, dead battery or empty tank won't ruin your travels.

If you already have Towing coverage on your policy and you need roadside assistance, please call 888.742.4572.