Tips for Working with Your Insurance Adjuster

When something happens, you want your claim to be processed as quickly and carefully as possible. For major events such as a major accident, flood or fire, we may send an insurance adjuster to gather first-hand information we can use to help process your claim.

After contacting us to report your claim, here are three things you can do to help your insurance adjuster:

  • Document – Before your insurance adjuster arrives, you can document what has happened. (Please note: Do this only if it's safe to do so.) You can effectively document what happened by taking photos or videos of the damage. This can be particularly helpful in an event like a basement flood, where floodwaters may recede before the adjuster arrives.
  • Share –Your insurance adjuster is gathering much of the information needed to process your claim. You can help your insurance adjuster understand what happened. He or she will ask you a number of questions to gain a complete picture. The more you can share up front, the more easily your claim can be processed.

  • Stay in touch – Your insurance adjuster may have additional questions for you after his or her initial visit. When you respond quickly to those questions, it will help your claim move along efficiently.

Sometimes adjusters are employees of our company. In other cases, they are independent adjusters who work with us on a case-by-case basis. If you have any questions, your claims representative is available to help.