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Manish Dave

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GoSocial Program

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Social media marketing made easy, efficient and compliant

If you crave the real-time marketing power of social media but have been wary of using it, our GoSocial program is the solution for you.

Through GoSocial at Ameriprise, you can build and strengthen your online presence by using the social media platforms clients and prospects use: LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter — all inside a turnkey system that takes care of the time-consuming tasks of content creation and compliance for you.

“Using our social media program, I can use pre-approved posts or create my own posts to show clients my personal side. That makes me more referable to their friends and family.”

Oom Jackson, CFP®, MBA
Ameriprise Financial Advisor

With GoSocial, you’ll experience many benefits, including:

  • Engaging content
    Access a library of pre-approved content, with new posts added every business day. Use the pre-approved posts, modify them or create your own content — giving you the ability to personalize messages and stay top-of-mind with clients.
  • Built-in protection
    Custom posts are screened for compliance after you’ve posted them, allowing you to engage with clients and prospects in a way that helps keep you protected. Posts and incoming and outgoing communications are also retained to meet industry retention requirements.
  • Work efficiencies
    Your staff can take the lead to post and/or respond for you with “on behalf of access,” freeing up more of your time to do what you do best — work with clients.
  • Client acquisition opportunities
    Build an engaged prospect pipeline by identifying shared interests with your social media connections. This can help you acquire more clients and build relationships with existing ones.

To learn more about the secure, integrated technology at Ameriprise, call us confidentially at 866.806.9984 or contact a recruiting director near you.