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Dedicated support for your customized move

When you’re ready to make the move to Ameriprise, the idea of transitioning your business doesn’t have to be intimidating. 

With our proven best practices, we’ll help you make your move as smooth as possible.

Proven, customizable transition process

We’ve built our transition process through years of experience, helping advisors just like you move their business to our firm. We’ll customize this process to meet your individual needs, while giving you the tools, technology, training and leadership you need to start building the practice you envision.

  • Dedicated transition team – Work with a team that will help you establish an onboarding and communications strategy, anticipate and navigate challenges and gradually introduce you to products and services.
  • Transfer registration assistance – Transfer your FINRA registration and general licenses — from any state — to Ameriprise with specialized assistance.
  • Announcing your move – Access the materials and resources you need to announce your move and start expanding your presence in your local market.
  • Transferring client accounts – Receive assistance with completing new-business paperwork and opening new accounts.
  • Technology access & support – Manage both your clients and your practice with our secure, integrated technology. Our OnboardProTM experience helps you further personalize your transition for each client – and allows you track progress online.

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We know change isn’t easy. That’s why a dedicated transition team of more than 40 specialists will be assigned to you to develop and initiate your customized, structured transition plan.

  • Franchise Field Vice President (AFG), Branch Manager/Complex Director (AAG) or Field Vice President (AFIG) – Your primary liaison to Ameriprise and the person who will help ensure you’re up and running as quickly as possible
  • Operations Leaders – Manages the overall operations functions, staff and finances of your branch
  • Regional Sales Director/Manager – Facilitates your integration process while providing coaching, support and additional corporate resources
  • Transition Manager – Provides coaching, guidance and support with a customized plan from the time you sign your offer through transition
  • Transition Specialist – Manage the prefill, submission and follow up on all annuity and insurance carrier appointments.
  • Technical help line Provides comprehensive technical support when and where you need it
  • Support desk – Helps move your clients and book of business, facilitates new account transfers and coaches you through procedures and services
  • Concierge desk1 (for $500K+ GDC only) – Provides support and operational coaching for your growing practice after day 120
  • Onsite & virtual support team2 (for $500k+ GDC only) – Assists with both in-person and virtual new account opening and transfer paperwork, business tracking, coaching and training

We know that ensuring your clients are taken care of will be your number one concern during your transition. That’s why your dedicated transition team will focus on the details and paperwork – so you can focus on your clients.

Your transition team will:

  • Assist with new-business paperwork
  • Explain how to submit business forms and avoid common pitfalls
  • Provide tracking tools to help manage new clients

To help minimize costs, we’ll reimburse your clients for both ACAT and non-ACAT transfers up to $199 per account during your first 120 days at Ameriprise.

“The transition team at Ameriprise was so skilled and experienced—they put me at ease. And their support gave me even more confidence that I made the right move.”


Susan Elliott, CFP®, MBA
Financial Advisor
Denver, CO

Concierge desk is only applicable for advisors with a GDC of $500K+

Onsite support is only applicable for advisors with a GDC of $600K+