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Planning Your Succession

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Planning Your Succession

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Taking care of yourself and your clients

Whether sunsetting or selling your practice, we'll help you do it your way. Our succession strategy specialists will help you find a successor who shares your values and vision for your practice — someone who will take care of your clients the way you do.

Sunsetting your practice — Ameriprise Advisor Group

We believe advisors who have served their clients well deserve to be rewarded. Qualifying advisors1 in the Ameriprise Advisor Group can benefit in multiple ways from our Sunset Program:

  • For advisors affiliated with Ameriprise for 3 or more years
  • Opportunity to earn up to 250% of your production
  • Compensation can be paid to a deceased advisor’s estate or beneficiary

The program also offers qualifying advisors a three-year plan to make a smooth transition to the firm in anticipation of a planned exit from the business. First, join Ameriprise as an experienced advisor. Then, after three years, you can work with your field leader to transition your practice to a ready advisor.

Selling your practice — Ameriprise Franchise Group

Whenever you're ready to exit the business, our succession program can help you unlock the equity in your practice and transfer your accounts to a successor who will take care of your clients. You can exit the business over time to maintain income, or sell directly through our internal market of ready buyers.

Succession plans

The right succession strategy for you depends on your personal objectives — consider these factors that Ameriprise can assist with:

  • Practice valuation — The practice acquisition team will help you understand what your practice is worth, based on our industry knowledge and experience.
  • Choosing a successor — We’ll assist you in finding a successor who shares the vision and values you have for your practice.
  • Timing — You’ll have the flexibility to choose whether you transition over time, team with an advisor, or scale back and work only with select clients.

“Many advisors I talk to are surprised just how easy succession planning is when they work with the right firm. At Ameriprise, we offer advisors a unique combination of strategic resources and a ready market for transition.”

Pat O’Connell, CFP®
Executive Vice President, Ameriprise Advisor Group

If you think it’s time to start building your succession plan, see what Ameriprise has to offer — contact our practice acquisition team at 888.267.8370.

1Specific tenure and compliance requirements must be met for advisors to participate.
This document does not create a contract of employment or a contract for any specific term or condition of employment between Ameriprise Financial and an employee. The relationship between Ameriprise Financial and an employee is at-will, meaning that either the employee or the company may terminate it at any time for any reason, with or without advance notice or progressive disciplinary action. The company reserves the right to make changes in or discontinue company policies, compensation plans, benefits and programs as it deems appropriate and these changes may be implemented even if they have not been communicated in this (or by change to this) document or otherwise. If this document refers to any company benefit program, it describes only certain highlights of the company's benefit program. It does not supersede the actual provisions of the applicable plan documents, which in all cases are the final authority. The applicable plan administrator has the sole authority and discretion in determining eligibility and in interpretation and administration of the plans. Ameriprise Financial takes reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of the contents of policy documents and in the administration of its policies and programs. The company does not assume responsibility for consequential damages caused by administrative or clerical errors.