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Delivering on smart automation

In the face of the 24-hour news cycle and other noise vying for their attention, clients today rely on you not just for investment experience but to clear away the clutter and stick to a plan that will help them achieve their financial goals. Like clients, you need to protect yourself from the effects of information overload. With so much client data at your fingertips, how can you harness its power to deliver better service? 

The answer is smart automation.

From the clients’ perspective, they need two things: First, a consistent flow of information and open communication. And second, to feel they’re receiving personal service and proactive guidance when it’s necessary. Meeting these expectations consistently for all clients would be nearly impossible for advisors without technology-based, “smart” automation.

"Thanks to our automated functionality, we’ve been able to not only keep up with what our clients need, but have more tailored discussions with them,” says Eva Moulton, a financial advisor at Ameriprise Financial.

Smart automation simply means systems are integrated and share information at a deeper level, giving you a more complete picture of your clients and more opportunities to demonstrate your practice’s value. This capability:


Consolidates client insights.

Rather than siloed data on multiple systems, smart automation consolidates client data and gives it context. The system can then trigger insights based on each client’s various account status. These insights can be bundled, contextualized and prioritized for next steps. The result: Your team can act on the data to better serve the client.


Enables you to go mobile.

Smart automation ensures all key systems are mobile-enabled, with compliant access to documents via the cloud. This ensures you can meet client expectations of quick, personal responses — while remaining compliant with industry regulations.


What’s next?

Once you decide to tap into the Ameriprise smart automation platform, we’ll first help you define your workflow and aggregate your data. We’ll also help establish thresholds and processes, so you can proactively communicate with your clients on a regular basis.

As clients’ expectations of advisors evolve, there's an opportunity for advisors who operate at scale and provide high-value services. This starts with applying smart automation to better control and understand the data available to you.

This type of technology is about systems helping, guiding and — where possible — doing things for you. You don’t need to worry whether you are using each available tool to its full capacity. Instead, Ameriprise tools and systems are integrated, automated and working on your behalf without the need for time-consuming training.

Smart automation is just one of the many ways in which Ameriprise integrated technology solutions can help your practice thrive. Learn about all the capabilities of our PracticeTech® platform.

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