As a client of Ameriprise Financial, you have access to the secure site on ameriprise.com, a place to conduct business online both independently and with your advisor. View our tutorials to learn more.

The secure site on ameriprise.com

Using the secure site, you can:

  • View balances, check allocations and track progress of your accounts and investments
  • Place trades, pay bills and more
  • Communicate securely with your advisor
  • Electronically sign and share documents with your advisor
  • Sign up for electronic delivery of documents such as prospectuses, financial confirmations or statements
  • See insurance coverage and account details

To register, visit ameriprise.com/register. All you need is your Social Security number and Ameriprise Financial client number (found in the upper right hand corner of your statement). This is a secure website and registration process. Learn how Ameriprise protects your privacy and security.

Additional online opportunities include the free Ameriprise app which gives you on-the-go access to your accounts and advisor.

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