Professional alliances

Our Professional Alliances program uses a collaborative approach to help professional service providers such as CPAs, tax professionals, attorneys, P&C insurance agents and sports agents create a positive end-to-end experience for clients. Fully address all your clients' financial challenges and deepen relationships through informal to formal referrals to an experienced financial advisor.

Professional Alliance program benefits

  • Improve your clients' experience. Clients today, particularly the affluent, expect a high level of service and commitment. With a Professional Alliance program, you can address your clients' financial challenges and provide a higher quality client experience resulting in a greater appreciation for the relationship.
  • Increase client retention. Strengthen long-term loyalty by adding value to your existing relationships.
  • Distinguish yourself from your peers. Offer your clients a more sophisticated solution to their needs while still focusing on your core strengths. Your expertise is why they stay with you.

Program options

There are a number of ways we can work together, from very informal to formal. You choose the option that works best for you, your clients, and your practice.

Level 1: Informal Partnership

  • You and the advisor have a solid knowledge of each other's business and are simply in a position to cross-refer when appropriate.
  • We can also provide educational workshops as a benefit to your clients.
  • With this option, there are no licensing requirements, agreements or payments involved.

Level 2: Fixed payment for referral for non-licensed professionals

  • A formal alliance between you and the financial advisor without the prerequisite of a securities license allows you to share financially in the success when clients open an Ameriprise brokerage account within the first 12 months of their relationship with Ameriprise.
  • There is no time commitment or annual licensing fee required.
  • You may obtain a securities license at any time to move to the licensed option.

Level 3: Compensation for referral for licensed professionals

  • A formal alliance between you (CPA, tax professional, attorney, P&C insurance agent, or sports agent) and the financial advisor with the prerequisite of a securities license(s).
  • You refer clients and are compensated based on licenses held when client has fee or commissionable events.
  • To qualify to share this compensation, you must be licensed for the specific products sold and must be registered in the state where the client resides.
  • You must hold/obtain at least a Series 6 and 63 to participate. Additionally, it is recommended that all professionals obtain Series 7 and Series 63 plus 65 (or Series 66) and State Insurance license to maximize the potential benefit of the program.
  • Advisor covers the costs of licensing, processing payments and program management.

Level 4: Associate Financial Advisor (AFA)

  • You may choose to leverage your talent and expertise and become part of an independent Ameriprise financial advisor practice so together you can deliver financial advice directly to your clients.
  • You can maintain your own tax practice as an outside business activity and join the Ameriprise financial advisor's team as an Associate Financial Advisor.
  • Speak to an Ameriprise financial advisor about field licensing and registration requirements.

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Ameriprise Financial has a 120-year history of helping clients reach their financial goals. We are strong and growing — we weathered the financial crisis without taking any TARP funds. We've earned credibility by growing responsibly, making sound investments and prudently managing risk. We develop deep, long-lasting client relationships with our comprehensive approach to financial planning and broad set of product solutions.

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