Environmental stewardship

From the construction and operation of our corporate buildings to the initiatives we encourage employees, advisors and clients to implement, Ameriprise Financial is committed to responsible environmental practices. The following are some of our key initiatives and progress to date:

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  • Each year since 2008, the Ameriprise Financial Center and Client Service Center in Minneapolis have earned the ENERGY STAR® certification.
  • Ameriprise Financial Center was the first building in Minneapolis to receive the U.S. Green Building Council's Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) -Existing Building certification. The Financial Center received LEED Silver Certification. Our Client Service Center received LEED Gold Certification.
  • 7 World Trade Center, our corporate office in New York, NY, was the first commercial office building in the city to receive the LEED Gold Certification.
  • We work with Xcel Energy in Minnesota to coordinate electrical loads at our Client Service Center during high-demand days to reduce overall demand.
  • We use sustainable building materials for new advisor office construction.
  • We reduce energy consumption in our headquarters building by installing automatic lights, reducing heating and cooling in the evenings and over weekends, and upgrading to lower wattage light bulbs.
  • We continue to look for opportunities to reduce energy use and drive efficiency in building operations.
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  • We are a long-term supporter of public transportation for our employees, and were recognized by the city of Minneapolis with a Commuter Choice Award.
  • In collaboration with Minneapolis Metro Transit, we created, and continue to subsidize the Metropass® program encouraging employees to use public transportation and reducing commuter traffic.
  • We offer free carpooling, scooter and bicycle parking in multiple office locations.
  • We are a sponsor and leading participant in Minneapolis’ annual Bike and Walk to Work Day events.
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  • We are committed to reducing paper consumption by developing systems that help clients switch to electronic delivery of documents and allow financial advisors to securely submit forms online.
    • Since 2008, we have helped more than 950,000 clients switch to electronic delivery, saving over 15 million pounds of paper.
    • We were among the first public companies in the U.S. to allow our shareholders to access proxy materials online, instead of receiving paper materials. This initiative has reduced the number of printed proxy sets from 250,000 to fewer than 20,000. 
  • We reduce and eliminate waste by recycling toner and using environmentally friendly cleaning products. 
  • We incorporated sustainable and local food sourcing efforts with our food service vendors, recycle food waste through partnerships with local farmers, and eliminated the use of Styrofoam.