How our advisors are compensated

It's helpful to understand how advisors earn a living to build a strong working relationship. For more details about advisors' compensation, please refer to the Client Relationship Guide.

We are proud of the value our advisors provide through our financial planning services. If you have questions at any time during your relationship, please ask your financial advisor.

The compensation Ameriprise financial advisors receive depends on several factors, including how they are affiliated with Ameriprise Financial Services. There are three ways an advisor can be affiliated with us: as an independent contractor franchisee, an employee financial advisor or an associate financial advisor.


A portion of the fees charged for products and services go to financial advisors in the form of commissions. The amount is based on the type of product or service, the advisor’s type and level of sales activity, the advisor’s affiliation with Ameriprise Financial and the fees paid by the client.

Incentives, training and education

Ameriprise Financial or sales leaders may, from time to time, offer contests, incentive programs to individual financial advisors or groups of financial advisors in particular areas. These programs may provide cash and/or non-cash compensation to financial advisors for sales of particular products or services.

Product companies with which we have agreements work with Ameriprise Financial and our financial advisors to promote their products. They may also pay for training and education events, prospecting events such as seminars for employees, financial advisors, clients and prospective clients or due diligence meetings.

For employee advisors and independent contractor franchisee advisors, these events may be held at off-site locations and the travel, meals and accommodations may be paid for by the product company. Additionally, these companies may occasionally provide business or recreational entertainment or gifts of nominal value to employee advisors and independent contractor financial advisors.

These incentive programs and cash and/or non-cash compensation are strictly governed by SEC and FINRA regulations, as well as the compliance policies of Ameriprise Financial.

Ameriprise Financial equity programs

We encourage all Ameriprise financial advisors to take an ownership stake in our future by holding stock in our parent company, Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

Referral fees

Financial advisors may also receive referral fees when their clients purchase certain banking products and services or Ameriprise Auto & Home Insurance products.