Financial planning and financial advisor fees

The fee you pay is based on the overall complexity of your financial situation and financial planning needs, and the fee range of your advisor. 

How much does financial planning cost?

Ameriprise Financial fees are based in part on:

  • The complexity of your financial situation
  • The level of service you and your advisor determine to work toward your goals
  • The number of goals to track over time, such as retirement, college savings, vacation homes, etc.
  • Sophisticated financial planning needs, such as legacy needs, business ownership or advanced investment strategies

And also on your advisor’s experience:

  • Years of financial planning experience
  • Professional credentials
  • Other aspects, such as local market considerations
  • Any specialized financial planning areas of focus the advisor may have

There may be additional asset-based fees and sales loads for products and services you purchase. If you have an Ameriprise Financial® investment or brokerage account, there may be additional brokerage fees.

What you receive

You'll always know up front exactly what you will receive for the cost of your planning relationship. Your advisor will proceed when you're comfortable with the plan and fees.

The services you receive may include the following:

  • Review of your financial position, protection needs and basic estate needs
  • Written recommendations and action steps, based on review of your financial situation and goals
  • Ongoing financial planning advice and support. Feel free to contact your advisor at any time for financial questions and guidance at no additional charge

We believe a financial planning relationship will help you feel more confident about your financial future.

of clients who have had the Confident Retirement approach conversation feel more confident about retirement1