Did you know the financial well-being of employees affects a company's performance?

Take our quiz to see the impact.

1. What is the estimated company cost associated with poor employee financial health?


Poor employee financial health costs companies an estimated 15 to 20% of total compensation.1


2. What percentage of employees say stress interferes with work?


41% of employees say stress interferes with work.2


3. How many days of work are missed per year by employees who are worried about money, compared to unstressed colleagues?


Employees who are worried about money miss almost twice as many days of work per year compared to unstressed colleagues.3


4. What percentage of employers believe financial wellness tools improve productivity?


83% of employers believe financial wellness tools improve productivity.4


5. How many dollars a year do U.S. companies lose due to their employees’ personal financial stress?


U.S. companies lose $500 billion a year due to their employees’ personal financial stress.5


Employees who believe their employer cares about them in all aspects of their lives (health, emotional, financial well-being) will be more loyal, satisfied and committed to their jobs — results that translate into a positive business impact for employers.


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