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The Ameriprise Client Experience – Integrated Marketing

The Ameriprise client experience integrated marketing campaign meets consumers where they are in the sales funnel and delivers targeted messaging to two distinct segments to keep them engaged and interested – and ultimately convert prospects to Ameriprise clients.

The two target audiences, Seeker and Legacy, were identified after conducting research into our expanded target market. Seekers are a new entrant into our target market, are younger (35+) and are more likely to be exploring a variety of advice relationships. Legacy represents the largest portion of our target market (50+) and they have a strong desire for comprehensive advice. 


Television Commercials

TV commercials reached 81.5% of our core audience an average of 12.8 times throughout the year.

Online video (OLV)

We introduced four 0:15 second videos in this campaign, which delivered a Video Completion Rate (VCR) 4x above industry benchmark. Videos were targeted at specific demographics (identified here as Legacy and Seeker segments). 

Online advertising (OLA)

Banners generated 15M impressions and a click-through rate (CTR) well above industry benchmark of 0.06%.

Social media campaign

Video, carousel and direct response ads delivered to Legacy and Seeker prospects on Facebook. 

Choices video ad

Target Legacy and Seeker prospects separately leveraging our 0:15 OLV video “Choices.”

Familiar Face video ad

Targeted Legacy and Seeker prospects leveraging our 0:15 OLV video “Familiar Face.”

Carousel ad

The carousel ad targeting Legacy and Seeker prospects and highlighted the four priorities of the Ameriprise Client Experience.

Direct response ads

Facebook direct response ads targeted Legacy and Seeker prospects and linked directly to audience-specific versions of Ameriprise Client Experience Page 1.


Paid search

Our paid search campaigns exceeded cost-per-point (CPP) KPI since launch of the ACE campaign and helped drive qualified traffic to the website.

Segmented landing pages are the destination for targeted advertising in digital platforms. These landing pages received at total of 91,200 visits over the course of the campaign.



Ameriprise Client Experience Video

Video appears on both versions of the landing pages and helps to illustrate the experience of working with an Ameriprise advisor.


Cohesive retargeting efforts keep prospects engaged as they move through the customer journey (sales funnel).

Paid Search

Custom messaging delivered to users who searched for Ameriprise branded terms more than once. 53% of Your first meeting visits came from retargeting (OLA & Paid Search).

Paid Search 1 visit Paid Search 2 visits Paid Search 3 visits
Seeker campaign landing page Your first advisor meeting Find an advisor

Social media instant experience ads

Legacy and Seeker Facebook Instant Experience ads use components from the :15 OLV ads and carousel ads to retarget visitors of the Seeker campaign landing page. Users who clicked through to site arrived at the “Your first meeting” page.


Online advertising (OLA)

Delivered to users who have interacted with a previous OLA

Firm-focused OLA

Promotes top customer service ranking

3-minute Confident Retirement® check OLA

Drives to our interactive online tool to help users gauge their retirement readiness.

Advisor-focused OLA

Promotes top ranking in customer trust.

Local advertising

Print, outdoor billboards, and online banners

Visual identity system

Evolved visual identity system was launched to appeal to a broader, younger target audience.