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The Ameriprise Financial Business Continuity Management Program

At Ameriprise Financial, we develop long-term relationships with our clients and strive to serve them with a personalized approach to meeting their financial needs while providing outstanding client service. Ensuring that we maintain an effective business continuity management program is essential to achieve that goal. We are committed to protecting our clients’ and the company’s information and assets without disruption, while meeting our regulatory obligations.


We dedicate significant resources to maintaining and evolving our business continuity capabilities. The program’s framework addresses every level of the organization through the remediation of facilities, technology, applications, data, processes, governance and corporate strategy — incorporating business continuity into the way we work. As part of our business continuity management program, our crisis management capabilities allow us to respond efficiently and effectively during a business disruption or crisis event. We proactively monitor worldwide events that could affect our clients, employees, facilities and other assets. We provide comprehensive and ongoing training and education to help our staff prepare for possible business disruptions.


Members of our Crisis Response Team (CRT) include senior leaders from across the organization, supported by additional subject matter experts. During a crisis event or business disruption, the CRT coordinates response, communication and escalation procedures to help safeguard assets, protect the well-being of staff and help provide continuity of critical processes.


Each line of business creates business continuity plans (BCPs) designed to address the unit’s specific needs and potential risks. We believe our BCPs and program controls meet regulatory requirements and continue to evolve to reflect industry best-practices.


We update our plans annually or in the event of a material change, including as part of regularly scheduled workshops with the business unit, including participation with business leaders. As part of the planning process, we conduct a business impact analysis with each business area, which helps determine the criticality of business processes. We conduct exercises to validate our plans and recovery strategies.   


BCPs are based upon a proactive “all hazards” approach in preparing for disruptions of varying severity and scope, and address both short-term and long-term disruptions. We have developed multiple recovery solution strategies that enable us to activate the appropriate strategy based upon the severity and duration of the event or business disruption. Key components include alternate workplace recovery facilities, remote access workplace strategies, geo-dispersed operations. Our flexible, multi-faceted approach allows us to respond appropriately and effectively based on the type of event.


Disaster recovery plans, maintained by our technology teams, specify recovery procedures that address specific risks to technology applications and ensure adequate redundancy is in place. Regular disaster recovery exercises are conducted to validate disaster recovery plan effectiveness and that backup and recovery procedures for critical applications are in place. 


The Ameriprise Financial Business Continuity Management program will continue to evolve to meet the needs of our clients, employees and other stakeholders. We will post information about updates or modifications to the plan on 


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