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Great Southern Financial Services and Penney, Murray & Associates,

A Partnership Working For You Today & Tomorrow                

Our commitment to service goes far beyond our banking services. At Great Southern Financial Services we’re invested in your comprehensive financial well-being. Our partnership with Penney, Murray & Associates provides you with integrated advice and resources so you can confidently work towards your financial goals. Whatever stage of life you’re in, they’ll take the time to understand what’s truly important to you and develop a financial plan customized for your life – to help you live more confidently today and tomorrow.


Financial Institution is not a client of Ameriprise Financial. Pursuant to a contractual agreement, Financial Institution will be paid a referral fee for each referred client to Ameriprise Financial, which is an incentive for such referrals and creates a conflict of interest.


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Financial Institution has a written agreement with Ameriprise Financial and may, from time to time, identify and refer potential clients who may benefit from Ameriprise Financial's services. The referring Financial Institution will earn referral fee compensation of one to thirty percent of the revenue generated by a referred client for as long as the referred client maintains a relationship with Ameriprise Financial.  Non-licensed employees of the financial institutions may receive incentives from their employer for referring clients to Ameriprise. These financial incentives create a conflict of interest for the referrals to Ameriprise Financial.
Ameriprise Financial and the financial institution are not affiliated.

Investment products are not insured by the FDIC, NCUA or any federal agency, are not deposits or obligations of, or guaranteed by any financial institution, and involve investment risks including possible loss of principal and fluctuation in value.
Investment advisory products and services are made available through Ameriprise Financial Services, LLC, a registered investment adviser.

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