Cash, Cards & Lending

An important part of a financial plan is managing cash flow. Our cash, cards and lending products are designed to help you successfully manage your cash to have enough funds to meet day-to-day needs. They can also help you make the most of your cash reserve so you are prepared for the unexpected and on track to achieving your financial goals.

Cash management account

The Ameriprise ONE® Financial Account is a brokerage account with cash management features. It connects all the parts of your plan and helps you stay focused on your objectives.

Certificates & rates

A solid investment for your cash reserve needs. Certificates offer guaranteed rates and principal, no account fees with flexible investment options.

Brokerage sweep & rates

Ameriprise Financial offers several cash solutions that offer you easy access and the opportunity to earn interest or dividends on non-invested cash. See current rates for Ameriprise® Insured Money Market Account (AIMMA), money market funds and Ameriprise® Cash.


With exclusive perks, premium services and convenient purchasing options for Ameriprise Financial clients, it makes sense to use a card that’s aligned with your goals.

Margin lending

Find out how you can access credit through a margin loan using your eligible securities as collateral.