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Insurance & annuities

Reaching your financial goals involves protecting your assets as well as managing them. At Ameriprise Financial, we recommend a balanced and customized approach to asset and risk management.

Ameriprise offers a full range of high-quality insurance and annuity products through third-party insurance carriers, an affinity program and our affiliates, RiverSource Life Insurance Company (RiverSource Life), RiverSource Life Insurance Co. of New York (RiverSource Life of New York). Together, both RiverSource Life and RiverSource Life of New York are ranked as the 21st largest life insurance company of about 780 life insurance companies, based on total assets.1 In addition, RiverSource Life and RiverSource Life of New York consistently earned positive ratings from independent rating agencies2 — a fact that can give you the added confidence of working with a strong, reliable company.


An annuity can be a valuable tool for investing and saving for retirement. Plus, annuities generally provide tax deferral, which gives you the freedom to control when you pay taxes on your earnings.3

Auto and home insurance

Available through CONNECT, powered by American Family Insurance* as part of an affinity program, CONNECT has a team of agents dedicated to providing clients with the kind of personal service they deserve.

Life insurance

A life insurance policy can help you plan for your family’s legacy needs and may also offer features that can help you meet other goals.

Long-term care insurance

Long-term care insurance provides benefits to offset out of pocket expenses in the event of an extended care need. A secure financial future typically includes protecting your retirement income, assets and your independence in the event of an extended care need.

Disability income insurance

Protect yourself, your family and your lifestyle by insuring your income in the event of long-term illness or injury. Disability income insurance provides the resources you need when you are unable to work.

Your resource for insurance and annuity solutions

An Ameriprise financial advisor can help you identify areas where you may benefit from coverage and recommend products that fit your needs. Whatever life sends your way, you'll feel better knowing you are protecting yourself and your loved ones financially.

1Source: 2018 Life Insurers Fact Book, ACLI. This includes RiverSource Life Insurance Co. of New York.
2RiverSource Life Insurance receives a separate rating from the independent rating agencies and consistently earns top ratings from agencies that include A.M Best, Moody's and Standard & Poor's.
3An annuity held in a qualified account does not provide any additional tax deferral. 
Before you purchase any insurance policy or annuity contract, be sure to consider its features, benefits, risks and fees, and whether it is appropriate for you, based upon your financial situation and objectives. An annuity is a long term investment issued by an insurance company. 
Policies and features may not be available in all states, or may vary by state.

*CONNECT, powered by American Family Insurance, is the brand name of American Family Connect Property and Casualty Insurance Company and American Family Connect Insurance Company, Madison, WI. Auto policies are underwritten by either company depending on the state. Property policies are underwritten and issued by affiliates based in Boston, MA, including: Homesite Indemnity Company, Homesite Insurance Company, Homesite Insurance Company of California, Homesite Insurance Company of Florida, Homesite Insurance Company of Georgia, Homesite Insurance Company of Illinois, Homesite Insurance Company of New York, Homesite Lloyd’s of Texas, and Homesite Insurance Company of the Midwest. The American Family Connect Insurance Agency, Inc., places policies with related and unrelated companies. Each insurer is solely responsible for the claims on its policies and pays the Agency for policies sold. In Texas, certain property coverages may be underwritten by Ranchers & Farmers Mutual Insurance Company. Prices, coverages and privacy policies vary among these insurers. Each company has sole financial responsibility for its products. Specific products, discounts, and savings may vary and may not be available in all states in accordance with state filings and applicable law. Insurance availability may vary by region or state. Discounts and savings vary by state and apply to certain coverages. Certain restrictions and limitations apply.

CONNECT is not affiliated with Ameriprise Financial, Inc.

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