Market volatility resources

To help preserve the value of your investment portfolio and maximize its growth potential over time, it’s important to stick with a personalized, goals-based investment strategy during periods of economic stability as well as short-term market fluctuations.

Your Ameriprise advisor will work with you to create a proactive approach to help you stay on track during all market conditions.

Latest market insights

Our team of market strategists provide analysis on current market conditions and longer-term trends. View timely insights, videos and commentary on market activity.

Manufacturing data to provide telling insights into the impact of the coronavirus

David Joy
Chief Market Strategist, Ameriprise Financial
Feb. 18, 2019

Markets look past the coronavirus


Anthony Saglimbene
Global Market Strategist, Ameriprise Financial
Feb. 12, 2019

Investment insights

Asset allocation and diversification for long-term investing

Diversification is one of the foundations of wealth management. Learn about diversifying your portfolio and why having a diversification strategy can pay off.

Keep market-moving headlines in perspective

Major world events can often cause market volatility. Find out how investors can keep perspective when the news causes waves in the market.


3 strategies to help reduce investment risk

These investment strategies can help you reduce investment risk and earn more consistent returns over time. 


Planning for market volatility: Tips on investment diversification

These defensive moves can help you invest with an eye toward volatile markets. 


Guide to risk tolerance and asset allocation

Knowing your risk tolerance is crucial to investing. Learn how risk tolerance, asset allocation strategies, and a diversified portfolio are all connected. 


Long-term investment strategies

Planning for the long-term can help you counter inflation and enjoy your retirement savings for many years to come. 

We can help you prepare for market fluctuations

Remember to keep these tips in mind, especially when markets are volatile:

  • Stay focused on your financial goals — your advisor is your ally to help with this.
  • Ensure your allocations are consistent with your longer-term risk profile and rebalance your portfolio regularly.
  • Make sound investment decisions based on informed, rational reactions to news headlines.

If you have concerns during periods of market volatility, call your advisor. He or she knows you and the details of your portfolio best. Together, you can determine what, if any, action you need to take.