Financial planning for retirement

Confident Retirement® approach

Our Confident Retirement &x28;R&x29; approach

A comfortable, secure and meaningful retirement is most everyone's dream. Your advisor can help you plan for an income stream that can cover both your essential and lifestyle expenses. Your advisor will also help you reduce vulnerability from the unexpected, and help you leave the legacy you desire.

That's a confident retirement.


Retirement planning

It's never too early — or too late — to start planning for a more confident retirement. By breaking it down into small pieces, retirement planning can be more manageable and simpler.

Choose and organize your accounts

Organizing your finances today is an important step for the peace of mind of you and your beneficiaries.

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  • Inform a beneficiary of legal or financial records, PIN numbers, passwords and other information
  • Throw out old paper statements or bills. Shred the discarded documents to keep them out of the hands of identity thieves
  • Identify all your accounts by looking through the statements you receive, both on paper and online
  • Register for online account access and automate transactions whenever you can

Maximize your savings

Take advantage of key savings strategies to make the most of your current and future assets.

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Manage your investments

As you build your portfolio and into retirement, you have many choices to make about how your investments can continue to support you throughout retirement.

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  • Review your risk tolerance and asset allocation
  • Conduct an annual financial review to adjust your portfolio and ensure that it's still diversified
  • Contact your financial advisor to help you with your investments
  • Make sure your beneficiary designations reflect your wishes

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A confident financial future begins with what's most important to you.

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Define your financial goals & expectations

It's important to continue to refine your goals and expectations both before and after you retire.

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Balance your retirement income and expenses

Managing your income sources and expenses in retirement can be tricky. You may need to make adjustments along the way.

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