Retirement income & expenses

Learn how to manage sources of your retirement income, meet Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) requirements and evaluate your expenses.

Income from retirement savings

Many retirees draw from their retirement accounts to cover expenses. Learn about IRA distribution guidelines, required minimum distribution rules and more.

Balance your income and expenses

Will you have sufficient retirement income to cover the cost of living? Follow our tips on generating income in retirement and covering retirement expenses.

When to begin collecting Social Security

Learn when to apply for Social Security benefits and how they can be delayed, suspended, or continued while you work.

Prepare to collect your pension

Evaluate options for your pension and find other ways to potentially maximize your pension distribution.

Required minimum distributions (RMDs)

You are required to begin withdrawing from certain retirement accounts at age 70 1/2. Before taking these distributions, you should understand the amount of your RMD, which accounts require distributions, and the penalties for not taking them.

Planning for retirement expenses

An essential part of retirement planning is understanding retirement expenses and the role of inflation. Here’s how to evaluate retirement costs.

Retirement health care costs

Planning ahead for retirement health care costs can help keep your savings intact. Learn about how to prepare, the different parts of Medicare and more.