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You can use the secure site on to check account balances and monitor your investments.

Frequently asked questions

Is my confidential information secure?

To protect your information, Ameriprise Financial uses the following security features:

  • Establishes a secure session when asking for confidential information, including Social Security numbers and account data.
  • Requires you to access the site with a browser that uses 128-bit encryption.
  • Asks you to answer three security questions to verify your identity.
  • Asks you to answer a security question if you need to have your password reset.
  • Closes out your session after prolonged inactivity.
Why can't I see all my accounts?

Your financial accounts might not appear in the secure site for several reasons:

  • Accounts not associated with your primary household account group will not display automatically. Go to other account groups to view your other groups.
  • You must be given express permission from the account owner to view accounts you do not own.
  • Any account that has a zero balance or is inactive is not displayed.
  • Information on Keoghs are not viewable.
  • Newly opened accounts are not viewable until they are completely set up.
  • If you do not hold ownership on an account, e.g., UGMA, you may not be able to view it.
  • Financial plans are not viewable.
When are my account values updated?

Some account values are updated as of the close of the previous business day. Brokerage accounts ending in 133 are updated intra-day and displayed at a 20-minute delay.

Why isn't my balance updating?

Your balances may not update automatically for several reasons. When there are known issues, you will see a message on the Overview page. If you don't see a message, you may want to log out and log in again. If your balances still are not updating, please contact customer service at 800.862.7919.

What is an account group?

There are four types of account groups:

  • Primary household – A primary household group consists of accounts owned by any member of a household (i.e., spouses, domestic partners and their unmarried children younger than 21). This account group is established automatically even if there are no accounts in the group.
  • Secondary household – A secondary household group is created if someone in the primary household group wants to own accounts with someone who is not a member of the primary group.
  • Consolidated statement group – A special group created for clients who request that their statement display information differently from the standard household statement.
  • Manual Group – A group for a client that you have been given rights to.
How do I change my default group view?

You can change your default group view by selecting “Edit groups" in the group selector in the main navigation.

How do I make a new group?

To create a new account group, call customer service at 800.862.7919. The procedure varies depending on the type of account group you are creating. For example, married couples who wish to have separate account groups must fill out the Individual Household Group Election Form.

How do I change the accounts that are included in my primary household group?

Once a primary account group is created, it cannot be changed. However, clients can create a new group called a Special Statement or CST group. This type of group is only created for clients who request that their statement display information differently from the standard household statement. For example, a client may request to combine or separate accounts on their statement.

What is an account nickname?

An account nickname is a unique name added to an account by a client or advisor to easily identify it within the secure site on Taking the time to nickname accounts can make managing multiple accounts easier.

How do I edit an account nickname?

To edit an account nickname, go the Nickname Accounts page. 

Who else can manage my account nicknames?

Beginning in May 2023, anyone who has access to an account can view and edit account nicknames. This includes account co-owners, your financial advisor and their staff members, or those within your household group. Edits to a nickname are updated for everyone with access to an account. 

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