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These frequently asked questions can help you with updating your beneficiary designation online. For more information about our Beneficiary program, go to the Beneficiary designation FAQ on

Frequently asked questions

How do I name or change a beneficiary?

There are certain accounts a beneficiary can be added to online. To see your accounts with existing beneficiaries, or accounts you can add a beneficiary to, go to your Beneficiaries page.

The Beneficiaries page says I need a form. Where can I get a beneficiary form?

Beneficiary designation forms are available on the Beneficiary designation FAQ, under “How do I name or update a beneficiary?.”

How will I know when the beneficiary is updated?

When updated online, your beneficiary information will display immediately on your Beneficiaries page.

A confirmation letter will also be sent to the mailing address on record. Your Ameriprise financial advisor can also access and review your beneficiary designation if you have questions.

Why don’t I see my beneficiary designations displayed on the secure site on

There are several reasons why your beneficiary designation may not be displayed. Examples include:

  • You are not an owner of the account.
  • Some account types do not allow a beneficiary designation.
  • You have not made a beneficiary designation for the account.

Contact the Ameriprise Financial Beneficiary Team at 800.862.7919 if you'd like more specific information about your accounts.

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